13.11.2020: Pavillon à la Maison
Taste the Stars at Home


For all those who lack the muse or simply the time to spend hours in their kitchen, however, would like to treat their loved ones with a culinary symphony, the team at our 2 Michelin star restaurant Pavillon came up with a simple  solution.

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The Truffle Hunt is on!
Behind the Scenes

With the winds of autumn, the season’s various delights are finding their way into the Pavillon kitchen. Introducing his new purely vegetarian 9-course menu "Potager", Pavillon Head Chef Laurent Eperon quite literally wants to plant an eye-catching and tasty garden on his guests’ plates. "Potager", translating to “vegetable garden”, is the Pavillon kitchen's light and colourful alternative to its popular Chef’s menu "Harmony".
Artfully creating this menu, the Pavillon team required the help from some very skilled locals: truffle dogs combed the woods around Zurich in search of the fine mushrooms buried beneath the ground.

"Cooked autumn truffle tastes more aromatic than white truffle, so we decided to put a dish with this delicacy on our menu for the first time. There is a great demand for locally sourced ingredients among our guests, so we liaised with some of our personal contacts to find the best product to enhance our new dishes. We are very pleased that now get to offer our guests local autumn truffles of the best quality," says Pavillon Sous Chef Maximilian Müller. Last week, he and Head Chef Laurent Eperon joined the truffle hunt themselves, accompanied by a camera team. You will soon get to see for yourself how successful the hunt went, and you will follow the exciting journey of the autumn truffle from the dark grounds in the outskirts of Zurich onto the shiny plates of our restaurant’s guests.

Stay tuned! The video clip will be published here shortly.

23.09.2020 - Swiss Wine List Award

The Pavillion's wine list received 5 stars in the category ""Gourmet & Stars"" at this year's "Swiss Wine List Award", thus confirming its distinction from last year. The "Swiss Wine List Award", which was announced for the third time by VINUM magazine, is aimed at all restaurateurs who pay particular attention to their wine list. The evaluation of the total of 175 submitted wine lists is carried out in five categories from "Gourmet & Stars" to "Cuisine bourgeoise".

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6.06.2020 - Best of Award of Excellence 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the wine list of Pavillion has been awarded the "Best of Award of Excellence" for the first time. This award is presented annually by Wine Spectator, the most widely read international wine magazine. The evaluation system is based on a number of glasses, a maximum of 3 glasses can be awarded. Pavillon received two glasses in this system. In Switzerland, only nine restaurants in total received this rating. Worldwide there are only 1'387 restaurants that have been awarded two glasses.

Best of Award of Excellence

February 24, 2020 - Joy twice over at the Pavillon

Today, it was announced that our Pavillon’s second star, which was first awarded last year, will continue to shine. This is due in great measure to the culinary leadership of head chef Laurent Eperon and restaurant manager Aurelién Blanc.

And if that were not enough, we have another reason to celebrate: Marc Almert, head sommelier and the current holder of the ASI title of “Best Sommelier of the World”, has received the Sommelier Award 2020. This distinction has now been awarded twice in Switzerland by the Michelin Guide.

Baur au Lac would like to congratulate the Pavillon team for this wonderful achievement.

2 Michelin Sterne Pavillon

March 21, 2019 - World Championship for sommeliers

Marc Almert of Baur au Lac, Zurich awarded Best Sommelier in the World 2019

In March 2019 Marc Almert, Head Sommelier at Baur au Lac, was awarded Best Sommelier in the World at a ceremony in Antwerp held by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI).

We are incredibly proud and congratulate Marc Almert on this achievement.

Marc Almert Sommelier of the year at Restaurant Pavillon in Hotel Baur au Lac

February 2, 2019 - 2 Guide Michelin Stars

Guide Michelin honors Chef Laurent Eperon with the second Michelin star.

We are overwhelmed by this rating and congratulate Chef Laurent Eperon and team!

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