Homecoming-Tour by Daniel Humm


Swiss chef Daniel Humm (39) has ascended the Mount Olympus of his field at a rapid pace. Knighted with his first Michelin star at the age of 24, he now owns Eleven Madison Park in New York, one of the ten best restaurants in the world.

Homecoming-Tour by Daniel Humm

His cuisine focuses on regional and seasonal ingredients presented in a marriage of traditional preparation and modern technology.

From 29 September through 3 October 2015, we had the pleasure to welcome the Aargau native for a guest role at the Baur au Lac, where he once spent several years training to refine his craft.

"We are proud that Daniel Humm spent formative years along his career path here at the Baur au Lac. His strong native roots have inspired him. He has consistently maintained and deepened the formative connection with the Baur au Lac. With his planned culinary guest appearance at the Pavillon, he lends this friendship special expression. We are pleased to have the opportunity to present Daniel Humm and his unique cuisine to our guests."